When you visit Marrika Nakk's studio in Hollywood Hills, CA, you know Miss Kitty(Gunsmoke) and Frida Kalho would have loved to just hang out ...... Music playing, candles burning, lots of gold mirrors and velvet couches. You feel welcome and inspired ,it reminds you of an old western saloon with a touch of Versailles.


Growing up in Sweden, Marrika was fascinated with 2 things since an early age, old western movies and Rock and Roll. She wanted to grow up "fast" so she could dress like a saloon girl, and she loved reading about Belle Starr, Calamaty Jane, Donna Tules, Poker Alice, Sally Skull and Rose of the Cimarron. At 18 she visited Santa Fe, NM, for the first time and knew she wanted to live there one day...her dream came true years later.


For the past 26 years her company has worked with hundreds of exclusive boutiques nationwide and internationally. Women all over the world enjoy Marrika's feminine romantic look. Her couture line is frequently worn by the Hollywood elite to Red Carpet events such as The Grammy's, The Country Music Awards, The Golden Globe's and The Oscar's.


Marrika's western wear designs are truly unique.

"I never wanted to be a part of a race in a corporate fashion industry"

"My company has always been hands on... I know who I am and I feel I know who my customer is"

She has built her career in fashion by following her own rules,while always listening to customers feedback. Her "signature look" are her romantic,sexy and flowing silhouettes with a universal almost "magical" fit. Marrika's creativity and talent have kept her in the forefront of womens western wear for the past 30 years.


Marrika continues to reinvent herself. In 2002 she introduced "Marrika Nakk Cowgirls" to her collection, and in 2006 she added "Ranch Weddings" to her bridal line. For 2012 "Cinderella Caramella",a line of long flowing fairytail/bohemian dresses, should become the new addition.


"I design with all types of women in mind" "The down to earth cowgirl, who is not afraid of getting her hands dirty, is as important to me as any Hollywood star" "I enjoy seeing my creations worn by women of all ages... it's very rewarding being told how beautiful they feel wearing them"


Marrika divides her time between her homes in Los Angeles, Santa Fe and Sweden. Her studios are located in Hollywood Hills, CA, and Santa Fe, NM. You can see Marrika's lines at her exclusive showrooms in New York, London and Gothenburg, Sweden.

Marrika Nakk Designs has relocated to Santa Fe, NM. For info and orders please call 505-772-0557


Marrika Nakk