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Romantic Womens Western Wear

Bohemian Chic

Taking her love for the old Wild West and mixing it with a romantic nouveau Latin flair, California-based Swedish designer Marrika Nakk recently unveiled a few sneak peaks of her new collection "Bohemian Chic" . This new airy collection features a melange of antique pink tones and gorgeous versatile fabrics of georgette, satin, silk and lace. The Bohemian Chic collection is also available in black and ivory. Vintage western wear in the hands of Marrika Nakk turns into a work of art with beautiful silhouettes in fabrics and colors that flatter every woman. This collection is especially well suited to romantic events, perfect for a bride looking to include western bridesmaid dresses. Also, western style Mother of the bride dresses will make every proud Mom shine especially bright on the important day.


To order call: (505) 772-0557


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