Wholesale Catalog




   This page is for retail stores and boutiques that are interested in carrying/showcasing/featuring Marrika Nakk Designs. If you miss a Market Week in Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, etc. or if you don't attend the apparel shows, this is a great and easy opportunity for you to view Marrika's designs, and to place orders.


   On this page we will show designs and styles that we have online and the corresponding wholesale price.

You can still visit the other pages and let us know what you might be interested in. If you want to see the line ASAP, we can send you a "sample box" with styles we feel will work for you. With an agreed pre-paid amount, we accept most credit cards, you can take a few days to pick and choose, then send back what you decide not to keep. You will  promptly be credited back any amount paid if you decide not to keep the shipment.


   This unique "system" has worked very well for us and our customers and clients, over the past many years. We can also text you photos of what we have in stock/ inventory, and in a few seconds you can decide what you would like to buy or order. The items can  be shipped out to you the very same day.


   For more info or to place an order call Marrika Nakk Design Studio in Los Angeles, (505) 772-0557 or email  us at info@marrikanakk.com. We are looking forward hearing from you and happy to assist you with any questions you might have.